Periferia Teatro has been dedicated to the investigation and knowledge of Puppet Theatre since 1989. “It interests us to offer our public, the children, a variety and careful selection of fantasy, that is to their liking and with which they can identify. To this goal we aim to create shows that create maximum spectator participation, as much through the theme of the show as through the dynamics of the performance”.
The productions of Periferia Teatro rely on a literary script, which permits the spectator combine reflection and enjoyment with observations from contemporary infant life.
The company has been dedicated professionally to Puppet Theatre for children since its beginnings, and until now has produced the following shows: D.DT,  “Clown”, “Volatines”, “ Travel to the Earth´ s  heart “, “Laberint”, “Wins of Paper”, “Penguin”, “Little dream”, “Guyi-Guyi”  and “Traces”. These shows have been performed across Spain, the company´ s current focus, and also overseas. The company has participated in numerous national and international festivals, receiving some prizes with the works Guyi-Guyi, Penguin and Littledream.


DRAC D'OR Award for best show for children will s for "Guyi-Guyi" in the "XXI Titelles ª Fira de Lleida" (2010)
DRAC D'OR Award for Best Performance for"Guyi-Guyi" in the XXI st Puppet Fira de Lleida "(2010)
Prize for the best show of puppets for "Guyi Guyi" in the International Fair of Children's Theatre (FETEN 2010)
Prize for best dramatic proposal for "Penguin” in Puppet La Fira de Lleida. 2000.
Finalist for the best show, "Pinguin" Puppet Theatre for children in the International Puppet Festival Toulouse (Guipuzcua). 2000.
Prize for best performance "Pinguin" in the Art World Festival of Puppets of Prague. 2004.
Prize for best show of puppets for "Pocosueño" at the Fair Intern. Children's Theatre (FETEN) 2005.
Award for best artistic proposal for "Pocosueño" in the International Puppet Festival A La Vall d'Albaida 2005

We have participated in numerous puppet Festivals in our country, among those: Tolosa, Salamanca, Alicante, Lleida, Málaga, Madrid, Cuenca, Sevilla, Teruel, Logroño, Lanzarote, Gavá,  Sestao,  Albaida , Mallorca and Segovia.

Outside of Spain, we have been to :  Tlaxcala,  Monterrey, Veracruz, Sinaloa ,Guadalajara, Puebla, Cuernavaca México. D.F., all in Mexico, Bogotá y Medellín in Colombia, Prague in The Czech Republic, New Delhi in India, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belgium, India, Japón, New York, Washington, Miami and Atlanta, in USA.
We currently have four works in our repertoire, “Penguin”, ”Traces” and “Guyi-Guyi”.