Guyi-Guyi is a crocodile that, by chance of nature, was born into a family of ducks.
Guyi-Guyi lives happily with his family until one day he meets a crocodile. When he learns that crocodiles eat ducks, our hero will go through different difficulties to get to be himself. Guyi Guyi is a free adaptation of the story of «Ugly Duckling», which allows us to stage in an interesting and fun, the theme of the search for identity, an issue very much on a company as global as today.

The contrast between the characters helps us to represent the fear of difference and prejudice we throw on those who behave differently than we expect.

What happens when others see you differently?
«And when you look different to others?
Guyi-Guyi is a crocodile do not know what it is.
It is not fierce or ravenous. Do not know how to behave like the others.
Guyi-Guyi have to follow your instincts and learn how to act to be a «great crocodile»
Guyi-Guyi is a show for family audiences, recommended for ages 4 & up

Inspired in the illustrated book «Guyi-Guyi» of Chih-Yuan Chen, edited by Thule Ediciones © 2005 THULE EDICIONES, SL.


«Award for best show at the International Puppet Theatre for children FETEN 2010».

«Drac d’or awards for the best show for children and best interpretation at the «XXI Titelles Fira de Lleida» 2010″.


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Minimum measurements of 6 meters wide X 4 deep X 3 high (height from stage to ceiling) X 50 cm. high (minimum height from the ground to the stage).

Maximum capacity:
250 People

Assembly time:
3 and a half hours

Disassembly time:
1 hour

Duration of the show:
50 minutes.

8 Spot lights 1Kw & 3 Cuts 1Kw. Regulation lighting table.

Amplification equipment suitable for the room, with a mixer to which the two wireless microphones (canon connection) and a minidisc (RCA or JACK connection), provided by the company, can be connected.

* For the performance of the show you need darkness.


Scenic Address:
Juan Manuel Quiñonero.

Marionetist actresses:
Iris Pascual and Mariso García.

Juan Manuel Quiñonero.

Theatre adaptation:
Mariso García y Dora Cantero.

Scenography and construction of puppets:
Juan Manuel Quiñonero, Mariso García y Alfredo Guillamón.