“Cloud Cloud” is a poetic game where, with humor and love, we talk about what we are capable of giving to help others.
Luz is a magical being that lives in the clouds. One day an aviator crashes into his cloud and Luz hands him his wings so that he can return. From that moment on, Luz will no longer be able to fly and will end up falling to the ground.

Actress and puppet show aimed at family and school audiences from 4 years.

The show lasts 50 minutes.

Produced with the help of the Teatro Circo de Murcia, Institute of Cultural Industries of Murcia / ICA and the International Puppet Center of Tolosa / TOPIC.


«Drac D’Or Award for the best family children’s show Fira titelles de Lleida 2021 «.

«Children’s jury award for best show 33 Festitíteres Alicante 2021».

«FETEN 2020 best puppet and object show award«.


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Minimum measurements of 6 meters wide X 4 deep X 3 high (height from stage to ceiling) X 50 cm. high (minimum height from the ground to the stage).

Maximum capacity:
250 People

Assembly time:
3 and a half hours

Disassembly time:
1 hour

Duration of the show:
50 minutes.

12 pcs – 1Kw + 4 pcs or 4 par 64 for cons
4 Cutouts – 1Kw
Regulation table and dimmer

Amplification equipment suitable for the room, with a mixer to which the two wireless microphones (canon connection) and a minidisc (RCA or JACK connection), provided by the company, can be connected.

* For the performance of the show you need darkness.


Juan Manuel Quiñonero

Marionetist actresses:
Iris Pascual and Mariso García.

Scenic Address:
Mariso García and Juan Manuel Quiñonero.

Dora Cantero

Juan Manuel Quiñonero, Cristian Weidmann, Fabián Huertes, Alberto Sánchez and Tamaki Yang.

Construction of puppets:
Juan Manuel Quiñonero and Cristian Weidmann.

Pedro Guirao.

Graphic desing:
Pedro Guirao.

Technical team:
Juan Manuel Quiñonero, Octavio Gómez y Paula Alemán.

Production and distribution:
Silvia Martínez