«Fly Feather» tells the story of a bird that lived «happy» in its cage, until one day it had a dream … the cage opened and the illusion finally moved its wings …
«Fly feather» is a story about freedom and respect for the true nature of living beings. We give our protagonist bird the opportunity to live his dream and spectators the opportunity to accompany him on his flight.
Sometimes, people are able to lock what we love in a cage, so that it does not escape and stay by our side …
«If I had clipped his wings it would have been mine, I would not have escaped.
But this way, it would have stopped being a bird.
And I … I loved the bird «.
(Mikel Laboa)


«Award to the best show for «Vuelapluma» at the Tolosa International Puppet Festival. Titirijai 2015″.


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Minimum measurements of 6 meters wide X 4 deep X 3 high (height from stage to ceiling) X 50 cm. high (minimum height from the ground to the stage).

Maximum capacity:
250 People

Assembly time:
3 and a half hours

Disassembly time:
1 hour

Duration of the show:
50 minutes.

8 pcs – 1Kw
3 Cutouts – 1Kw
Regulation table and dimmer

Amplification equipment suitable for the room, with a mixer to which the two wireless microphones (canon connection) and a minidisc (RCA or JACK connection), provided by the company, can be connected.
* In the event that there is no technical team in the Room, the company will provide its own.
* If there is difficulty accessing the stage, help is needed in loading and unloading.
* For the performance of the show you need darkness.


Mariso García and Juan Manuel Quiñonero.

Marionetist actresses:
Iris Pascual and Mariso García.

Scenic Address:
Mariso García and Juan Manuel Quiñonero.

Juan Manuel Quiñonero, Alfredo Guillamón and Pati Valcarcel.

Locker Room:
Raquel Bernal.

Graphic desing:
Pedro Guirao.

Vicent Huma.