Periferia Teatro

Artistic History

Periferia Teatro has been professionally dedicated to puppet theater since 1989. Its nucleus is made up of Juan Manuel Quiñonero Redondo and Mª Socorro García Ferrández, who combine acting and directing tasks.

Throughout these years of work we have created and told stories with puppets, proving that this theatrical art is more alive than ever and that it is an excellent means of reaching the soul of the spectator, both the child and the adult accompanies.

The company is actively engaged in the study and research of the puppet, seeking new forms of communication in each new show.

It is part of UNIMA (International Puppet Union). UNIMA partners belonging to more than ninety countries cooperate with each other to promote and develop this artistic form, safeguarding its present and future. It also belongs to the TeVeo association of children’s theater and Murciaescena, association of theater companies of Murcia.

In recent years, the company Periferia Teatro has had the great fortune to be able to show its latest shows, «Pingüin», «Pocosueño», «Guyi-Guyi», «Traces», «Fly feathers» and «Cloud Cloud» for almost all of Spain and several countries in the world . The national and international awards we have received, as well as the aid received from INAEM, AECID, Instituto Cervantes and the ICA of Murcia, have greatly helped in the consolidation and projection of the company.

We have translated some of our shows into Catalan, English and French. We have been to Mexico, India, Japan, USA, Colombia, Belgium, Chile, France, Taiwan …, places where we have been able to verify that the laughter of a child is universal and that the art of the Puppet Theater is present everywhere the world, manifesting in varied and multiple forms.


-Children’s jury award for best show for «Cloud Cloud», Festitíteres Alicante 2021.

 – Drac D’Or Award for the best family children’s show for «Cloud Cloud», Fira titelles de Lleida 2021.

– Award for the best puppet and object show for “Cloud Cloud” at FETEN 2020.

– TITIRIJAI Prize for the best show for «Vuelapluma» at the Tolosa International Puppet Festival 2015.

– Award for the best Puppet show for «Guyi-Guyi» at FETEN 2010.

– DRAC D’OR Award for the best show for children for «Guyi-Guyi» at the «XXI Fira de Titelles de Lleida» 2010.

– DRAC D’OR Award for the best performance for «Guyi-Guyi» at the «XXI Fira de Titelles de Lleida» 2010.

– Award for the best puppet show for «Pocosueño» at FETEN 2005.

– Award for the best plastic proposal for «Pocosueño» at the A La Vall D’Albaida International Puppet Festival 2005.

– Award for the best show for “Pingüin” at the Worl Art Festival of Puppets in Prague  2004.

– Award for the best dramatic proposal for «Pingüin» at the Fira de Titelles in Lleida 2000. 

Festival Presence

Festival Presence
With our shows we have participated in the best theater programs for children in our country and have been present in the following Festivals outside our borders:

• Tlaxcala International Puppet Festival, Mexico.

• Monterrey International Puppet Festival, Mexico

• Prague International Puppet Festival, Czech Republic

• International Puppet Festival of Medellín, Colombia

• Bogotá International Puppet Festival, Colombia

• Sinalos International Festival, Mexico

• Guadalajara International Puppet Festival, Mexico

• New Delhi International Puppet Festival, India

• Ieper International Puppet Festival, Belgium.

• International Puppet Festival of Managua, Nicaragua.

• Tour with Spanish Cultural Action in Guatemala

• Tour with Spanish Cultural Action in El Salvador

• International Festival «Titerías» D.F., Mexico

• Kijimuna Festa. Okinawa, Japan.

• Iida Puppet Festa. Iida Nagano, Japan.

• Kids Euro Festival. Washington DC, U.S.A.

• Momix Festival. Kingersheim, France.

• Colombia Puppet Festival, Medellin, Bogotá, Popayán, Colombia.

• 29th International Hispanic Theater of Miami, U.S.A.

• Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, U.S.A.

• Norte Grande International Puppet Festival of Antofagasta, Chile

• Marionetissimo Festival in Tolousse, France

• PIF International Puppet Festival in Zagreb, Croatia

• London Festival, United Kingdom

• Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), BAMKIDS, of New York, U.S.A.